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EchoVector was founded in May 2020, just a few months into the largest public health crisis in a century. Founder Connor Moore, then just eighteen, recognised that digital advertising had been saturated by shallow and disingenuous influencers and set out to create something that would instead promote authenticity.


Moore assembled a group of students from Edinburgh, Cambridge, Imperial and other top universities who worked completely remotely to develop a novel authentic marketing initiative, rooted in machine learning to optimise efficacy and allow for automation.

The platform now exists as a minimum viable product. More information about the platform, technology and team can be found in the August Update.


EchoVector's first commercial

(available soon here)

"They've hit the ground running with a novel and exciting idea.

TechRound, TechCrunch

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EchoVector is currently seeking investment. Learn more about becoming part of a lucrative revolution in authentic marketing.

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